About Computers 4 Kids

Computers 4 Kids is a Southern African computer education company run by a team of fully qualified educators. It was established in 1995 in order to address the critical need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) digital content, training and Digital Literacy support at school level. The company is committed to the development and use of localised country specific activities in school IT centres and is able to offer both the expertise and the equipment needed in the most cost effective possible manner.

At Computers 4 Kids we establish and administer new and existing Computer Centres at schools by supplying Information and Communication Technology educational software, a relevant and integrated curriculum and the necessary backup and support to ensure the centre works 100% at all times.

All curriculum materials can be used in a Microsoft, MAC, Open Source environment.

By staying at the cutting edge of technological, innovative and educational trends, Computers 4 Kids will remain the leading supplier of integrated ICT solutions to educational institutions in Africa and the world, empowering students and staff with the most appropriate hardware, software, service and skills.

With information technology moving faster and faster, and becoming more and more important, many schools find it difficult to meet their own ICT needs, let alone fulfill their obligation towards equipping learners with the digital skills they will need in almost any career. Learning focuses, themes and topics have been selected from what is currently being studied in local schools in each of the countries in which we operate.

Computers 4 Kids has a strong curriculum development team which consists of experienced educators in both the educational and ICT fields. All developers have had extensive experience in teaching ICT skills using an integrated approach. We have used this experience in the field of ICT education to develop a dynamic and relevant integrated ICT curriculum which is user friendly and exciting to use by both the students and teachers.

The curriculum was also designed for use by class educators who teach ICT to their own classes. The Computers 4 Kids Integrated ICT Curriculum will ease the task of educators by providing relevant integrated ICT lessons which develop cognitive as well as ICT skills with the emphasis on using the computer to learn.

All materials are localised, customised and aligned to the local national syllabus in each of the countries in which we operate - this makes our approach and methodology totally unique.