Volume R
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R.1 Shape

Learners create a picture of themselves at home using shapes
R.2 Size

Learners arrange graphics from smallest in size to largest in size and vice versa
R.3 Colour

Learners identify objects and classify them according to colour
R.4 Same or Different

Learners sort and classify graphics according to similar characteristics or properties
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R.5 Night Time

Learners create a night time picture using a drawing programme
R.6 Opposites

Learners sort and match graphics
R.7 Stop Sign

Learners build a stop sign and arrange the letters S-T-O-P
R.8 Dressing Ellie

Learners dress the elephant correctly
R.9 Shopping

Learners create a visual organiser about healthy and unhealthy food purchased at the shops
R.10 Numbers

Learners count objects and link to the correct numbers
R.11 Fireworks

Learners create a fireworks display picture using a drawing programme
R.12 Safety

Learners sort and classify “dangerous” and “safe” graphics
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R.13 Dinner Time

Learners learn to lay the table with crockery and cutlery for dinner
R.14 Counting

Learners use the shading tool to shade cells in a table counting 1-9
R.15 Matching

Learners match objects in their environment to shapes
R.16 Right Lights

Learners construct a traffic light and a pedestrian light
R.17 People Who Help Us

Learners match graphics of people who help us in our community
R.18 More Fun With Shape and Colour

Learners match, sort and sequence using a series of shapes of different colours
R.19 Clock Count

Learners place numbers and hands on a clock face
R.20 Dial a Digit

Learners place digits on a telephone and enter their own telephone number
R.21 Sorting

Learners sort graphics according to a winter and a summer theme
R.22 My Mouse

Learners identify left and right click buttons on a caricature mouse

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